Who is Jordis Small?

Jordis Small is an entrepreneur, creative director, and lifelong design expert. Her solid background in branding and design allows her to take the lead on conceptualizing, styling, and designing creative initiatives for her clients, whether it’s an eye-popping photoshoot, fresh new logo, or full brand buildout.

Jordis graduated Magna Cum Laude from FIDM in 2009 with a degree in fine arts. Although she majored in fashion design, she quickly fell in love with graphic design after a few years in the the workforce. She worked as an in-house graphic artist at Body Glove, a California based surf company, for five years before stepping away to launch Stellen Design, a full-service branding and graphic design firm based in her hometown of Los Angeles.

Her branding and design expertise includes a range of clients from mid to large-sized companies including California Pizza Kitchen, Chef’d, and ICAN California Abilities Network. But if you ask her, building boutique brands from scratch is what gets her out of bed every morning. She’s got a knack for morphing abstract concepts and language into dynamic visual assets.

For this California girl, the creativity continues even when she’s off the clock. In her free time, Jordis loves to sew, paint, cook, and work on The Bear and the Blonde, a blog site she started with her husband, Micah. The Bear and The Blonde is a true passion project for the couple and serves as a creative outlet to share their love for creativity, travel, and the outdoors.

Jordis describes herself as “practical as fuck,” whether that be in daily life, blog writing, or designing. She holds the belief that pretty for pretty’s sake doesn’t cut it, function is essential. First and foremost everything should serve a purpose, then worry about aesthetics.

In 2017 Jordis and her husband started a travel and lifestyle blog, The Bear and The Blonde, to document various trips, share recipes, and life hacks. Unfortunately after the birth of their son, Otto, in 2020 all that blogging came to a screeching holt. Hints we call it, "an abandon blog". She maintains hope of picking it back up one day but currently her time and energy is well spent on Stellen Design and being a mom!

She holds tight to idea that your kids are only little once and you have your life to build a business. So the blogging weekend passion project is on the permanent back burner!

Jordis loves to make connection so please feel free to reach out!